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What will America look like in 2050? In 2100?

We are getting to the point where we have a pretty clear picture. You can read the government reports if you want all the facts. The Fourth National Climate Assessment is your best source. Here are links to Volume 1 and Volume 2:

Volume 1: https://science2017.globalchange.gov/

Volume 2: https://nca2018.globalchange.gov/

You can download these reports as PDFs at these links. They’re about 2,000 pages long, and they’re pretty technical.

AR Boils it Down

Check out our videos to get the climate forecast for your region. Like a weather forecast, these climate forecasts aren’t going to be perfect. But they’re better than going in blind. These five minute climate forecast videos explain the 2050 forecasts in clear language. Scientists pretty much agree what 2050 is going to look like. The 2100 forecast will change depending on how well we prepare.

AR’s Toolbox

Check out these links to get some important local info for yourself.

-This tool from NOAA lets you look at sea level rise projections at a very local scale: https://coast.noaa.gov/slr/

-This tool from the the USDA Forest Service is very useful for the Eastern US. You can look at where many important trees will be able to thrive. https://www.fs.fed.us/nrs/atlas/tree/

Midwest 2050 Forecast

The Midwest is looking at more intense precipitation, increased temperatures, and decreased agricultural output. The good news? Conserved freeze, plenty of water, and communities that are already resilient to extreme weather.

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Southwest 2050 Forecast

The Southwest is facing some very serious challenges. Dramatically increased temperatures and a probable long-term drought trend are real concerns, and current power infrastructure is not ready. Definite bright pockets exist, especially in Colorado and northern New Mexico.

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Northern Great Plains 2050 Forecast

We’ve got a winner with this region! The Northern Great Plains are the only region with a projected increase in agricultural output. Milder winters, a longer growing season, and reasonably steady precipitation outlooks all make this a very promising area.

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Northeast 2050 Forecast

The Northeast is facing big challenges. There will be changes associated with the sea, the snow, and the crops you can grow in most of these states. But there are a lot of opportunities for someone who is willing to take advantage of change.

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Southeast 2050 Forecast

The Southeast is looking at potentially transformational change across most of its landscapes. This forecast is pretty rough, but it’s info you need to prepare. There are bright pockets, with northern Georgia being particularly notable.

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US Caribbean 2050 Forecast

Trends around decrease in rainfall, increase in temperature, and sea level rise mean that this challenging forecast contains crucial information for communities in the islands that want to prepare now.

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Northwest 2050 Forecast

This region is looking at increased extremes, with little predictability from year to year, and major changes in offshore ocean ecosystems. There are bright spots inland, with increased agricultural potential, and incredible work is being done to continue to maintain sustainable natural resources in the area.

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Southern Great Plains 2050 Forecast

The Southern Great Plains have one of the more challenging outlooks. Sea level rise will hit the gulf coast hard, with major potential infrastructure impacts. Serious water issues will also need to be addressed. This region has time to get ready!

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Hawaii and US-Affiliated Pacific Islands 2050 Forecast

No region has people doing more to build local resilience than those of the Pacific Islands. This region faces a very challenging forecast, with reduced global emissions absolutely key to their future.

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Alaska 2050 Forecast

Alaska, as always, is a real wild card. This forecast is full of extremes, but someone braver than me is going to find a way to take advantage of these changes. Check out the forecast for detailed info on changes in the land and in the sea.

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Texas 2050 Forecast

Texas has two big challenges: sea level rise on the gulf coast is going to be serious, with higher levels than the rest of the country, and they need to take a fresh look at how they handle freshwater resources. There’s a lot of variation in outlook within the state- check out this forecast for detailed maps.

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Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire 2050 Forecast

This forecast has everything you need to jump into the changes projected for Northern New England: maps, moose, and maple trees.

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Colorado 2050 Forecast

The outlook for Colorado is surprisingly mild in many of its most iconic and populated areas. However, power generation for the state looks to be both a challenge, and an opportunity.

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New Mexico 2050 Forecast

New Mexico’s outlook varies intensely based on region. There’s a real sweet spot up by the northern border. About 3/5s of the state are looking at potentially transformational changes as the winter freeze is lost and summers become much longer and hotter. Check out the maps and learn about some really amazing innovations: this state is on top of resiliency issues.

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Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut 2050 Forecast

Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut all share an outlook that is highly dependent on emissions. Get an idea of what changes to expect in seasonality and human health under high and low emissions scenarios for 2050, and check out state-level deep dive tools for assessing coastal risks.

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